Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why Androids are a Bad Thing

Building android robots must be absolutely the dumbest thing human beings are trying to do. It is dumber than genetic tinkering, worse than warming the climate, crazier even than atomic bombs.

The reason is obvious enough. The purpose of a man-sized, man-shaped, autonomous artificial intelligence, boiled down to its essentials, is to replace man. I have absolutely no problem with robots roving the surface of Mars, where I can't go, or cleaning up radioactive messes that would fry my bacon. But seriously, androids exist to put humans out of work, without replacing our need to eat.

Having replaced telephone operators, drafters, assembly line workers, machinists, and managers, (and with our sights set on teachers and university professors) why are engineers beavering away so earnestly trying to replace everybody else? It's not a very smart thing for smart people to do. Haven't they read Frankenstein? Or I, Robot?

I try to be philosophical. Hominids were evolutionarily successful because they could adapt knowledge and social structures faster than DNA could mutate. Androids can evolve their physical structures and processing horsepower faster than DNA too. Maybe the last Neanderthal admired that gracile, tall-walking Homo Erectus. Maybe I can manage to be proud of our robot descendents too.

I'm sincerely hoping to die peacefully in my sleep before this particular turd hits the turbine. Good luck to you new hands though.

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